Ovo je glavni krivac za nadimanje stomaka: Svaka druga žena boluje od toga, a poznata blogerka otkriva kako da se izlečite

Čini se da nam se nadimanje dešava onda kada najmanje očekujemo

Bilo da ste netolerantni na neku hranu ili samo umete da preterate kada je hrana u pitanju, nadimanje stomaka se dešava svima nama.

20 godina je imala problem sa nadimanjem stomaka – a onda je napravila jednu malu promenu i našla rešenje

Naduti stomak može da ukazuje na širok spektar problema i da dovede do neprijatnog osećaja i manjeg samopouzdanja, a uzrok varira od osobe do osobe. Ono što je primećeno jeste da se češće javlja kod žena.

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I have something to tell you …💗 ➡️ This is my sleep baby ruining what I thought was gonna be an awesome ab selfie 🙄.. Tell me I’m not alone waking up bloated 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️.. ➡️ Well hey that’s ok 🤗.. 💗🌸Perfection doesn’t exist which is kinda easy to forget when we spend so much time on social media being bombarded with the “insta perfect body” or what appears to be 🤭 “photo shop” ..🤦🏼‍♂️ So hear is a reminder from me that I have Gut and hormonal issues which cause me to BLOAT a lot even though I eat clean most of the time and work pretty hard at the gym .. I also have cellulite, acne and a wide waist, which you will have seen in previous pics.. 👀.. 🤭I am no where near perfect but I do think I’m pretty darn flawsome .. Embrace Your Body 💕… #maevemadden #beatyourbloat #perfectnever #realtalk #pcosfighter #pcosawareness #loveyourself #bodypositive #realgirls

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Problem sa nadimanjem je svakodnevica poznate blogerke Mejv Mejden koja pati od sindroma preosetljivog stomaka, ali i od policističnih jajnika koji dovode do nadimanja.

Njene iskrene fotografije na kojima pokazuje svoj stomak pre i posle oticanja dopao se velikom broju ljudi zbog čega ona ima nebrojeno mnogo fanova. Svoje iskustvo podelila je sa svima u knjizi “Pobedite nadimanje”u kojoj je ispričala svoju priču i otkrila kako se ona ishranom i vežbanjem bori ptotiv nadimanja. Upozorila je sve da se iza nadimanja možda krije ozbiljan zdravstveni problem, zbog čega moramo ozbiljno da se posvetimo našem zdravlju.

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PCOS. I know I’m not the only one, actually I am 1 in 10 women. I took this pic today, I’ve been struggling with major pains atm & irregular bleeds which is odd as I haven’t had a period in 8 years .. It has left my tummy majorly swollen, feeling exhausted and crazy emotional .. I got a DM yesterday saying “ still trying to shift the Christmas gains” 👍🏼 I didn’t respond & acted like it wasn’t a big deal but really it kinda broke my heart. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . We “ Cysters” with PCOS have to push that extra bit harder to hit our goals, but stay strong, keep fighting & you will win.. My summer pic above proves that I can 🙏🏼💪🏻 30 mins of activity every day will add up to big results 💕 I follow a more high fat/ protein diet as insulin resistance can make it harder to loose weight, a diet high in refined carbs can make it more difficult for us .. . I spoke earlier about my fibroid tumour, on my last scan it was the size of a small lemon, 🍋 many women are unaware they have them as there are no symptoms, mine causes a delightful little pouch on my lower abs hence high waisted pants are my favourite. As the fibroids tend to grow you can experience a bloated tummy, mine is positioned right at my cervix which is pushing my coil out of place and causing this major hormonal imbalance .. . Some Say I should be so glad I don’t have periods every month, yea, cause being an insanely hormonal person 24/7 is awesome 🙄 . Girls if you feel something is wrong please go to a gynaecologist, go for your smears at the gp, be brave, strong and flawsome all at once . . Tag a friend you know who may need this . #maevemadden #pcos #pcossupport #realtalk #reality #fitgirl #bloat #bloated

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– Jedna od pet osoba pati od sindroma preosetljivog stomaka, a jedna od 10 žena od sindroma policističnih jajnika. Mnogi od nas su netolerantni na hranu, ne spavaju dovoljno, a tu je i stres. Nadimanje izaziva fizičku neprijatnost i čini se da se uvek dešava kada ne treba, objasnila je ona.

Žene koje imaju sindrom policističnih jajnika pate od nadimanja jer konzumiraju namirnice koje sadrže ugljeni hidrat rafinirani šećer koji se teško vari. Tu spada veliki broj vrsta povrća kao što je pasulj, klice, brokoli, kupus i karfiol. Ovo povrće dovodi do pojave gasova.

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Beach body to Bloated in a matter of days 😩 For the sake of keeping it real, here is the reality of me on a photo shoot my first week in LA and then the unflattering reality after when I took a few days off my usual routine, indulged in all the American yummyness 🇺🇸had sleepless nights,💃and enjoyed a few delicious beverages 🍾🥂 ————— 🤦🏼‍♀️ I used my home remedies & workouts which helped calm it a lot, of course it’s all my book Beat Your Bloat 👱🏻‍♀️💋. (Link in bio) —————- . I'm not gonna lie, I have #noregrets we had the best time, even if my face says otherwise 😳. There is nothing worse than getting bloated when on Holiday, it's literally the Bain of my life!! the bloat got the better of me #fml —————— Having a healthy gut is so important.. If your experiencing gut issues frequently it is a sign that something is wrong!! Your body is trying to tell you something and it's important to always listen to what your body needs . PLEASE Don't ignore the signs and think it is normal to feel this way!! It's really not. 😣 —————— I know this isn't the most flattering of pictures but I believe it is important to share this reality. Sometimes I look like the pic on the left 💃, sometimes I look like the pic on the right 🤦🏼‍♀️I don't always have abs or look lean and I am never "perfect" . —————— I enjoyed every minute of my holiday, yes I got bloated, gained a little weight but it's no big deal because our lifestyles shouldn't be about restrictions, life isn't perfect and neither are we.. i will be packing my book in the future to take me through some debloating yoga . . ☀️💕focus on your health both physically and mentally and remember it's just about being the best version of yourself 💕 ————— #maevemadden #beatyourbloat #pcos #summerbody #ibs #bebrave #fitspo #fitgirlsguide #irishblogger #realtalk #abstodaygonetomorrow #realitycheck #fitgirl #beyourself ☘💚💖

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Mejden savetuje da umesto ovih koristimo složene ugljene hidrate kao što je kinoa i slatki krompirumesto kuskusa i čipsa, papaju umesto lubenice i da pijemo bademovo mleko umesto kravljeg mleka. Savetuje da jedemo losos i smeđi pirinač, a da sami pravimo sladoled od banane i bademovog mleka.

Nadimanje možete sprečiti pravilnom ishranom, ali je neophodno i baviti se određenom fizičkom aktivnošću. Samo 10 do 15 minuta vežbanja može da učini čudo za naš stomak.

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2 years ago the journey of Beat Your Bloat began … I shared this first bloating image in June 2016 of my trip to Ibiza .. ————— CAPTION ☝🏻 24 hours later 😒 it's not a "food baby" it's an issue that I & so many of us suffer from .. I had really hoped that during my trip to Ibiza my "Bloat" wouldn't flare up but living a different lifestyle on holidays can cause this for so many of us.. Even the darn cabin pressure ✈️ (can't a girl catch a break) .. I think it's awesome that people have now been brave enough to share their bloat experience so high five everyone, this is not an "insta trend" it's social media awareness .. It is uncomfortable, it's is so very painful, but this is not just something that happens after binging or a cheat day.. I would be so lucky if it was just that!!!. ————— 🤞🏻 Happy to let you all know i have a fab dedication to dealing with bloat when traveling in the book (link in bio) . #maevemadden #beatyourbloat #byb #lifestyleblogger #summerbody #ibs #bebrave #fitgirlsguide #irishblogger #abstodaygonetomorrow #realitycheck #beoriginal #beyourself #ibs #pcossupport

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– Bilo da trčite na traci, šetate psa ili radite HIIT trening većina vežbi pomoći će vam da se rešite gasova i pokrenete vaš sistem za varenje. Jedan od najvećih razloga zašto je nas sistem usporen kada smo na odmoru je taj što se opustimo i fizički nismo aktivni. Zbog toga nam treba neki mali trening koji će naša creva držati aktivnim, savetuje blogerka.



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